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Kay Flock’s ‘Shake It’ Lyrics – Billboard

Kay Flock enlisted Cardi B, Dougie B and Bory300 for his latest hip-hop banger, “Shake It.”

If you need a guide to follow along with Kay Flock’s “Shake It,” find the lyrics below:

(Elias beatz) (hey ladies, drop it down, grrah)
(Just wanna see you touch the ground, grrah, grrah-grrah)
(Don’t be shy girl, go bananza, grrah-grrah)
(Shake ya body like a belly dancer, like, grrah)

Oh, we tryna bend on the oppas
Bi—, I’m with 300 ‘jects and some flockas
Like, who hotter? Top shottas
Hoodie’d up, dread down like a rasta
I’m Mr. Hang-out-the-v
Tryna flock ’em, pop ’em, drop ’em (that boy, touch the ground)
If we don’t got the-, we gon’ hop ’em
Bory hop out wit’ them, tryna chop ’em (grrah-grrah, boom)

Talk on brodie, we spin for a week
Slide with Kay, only spend four V’s (word to my mother)
Got a lil’ thottie that holdin’ my beam
F— that lil’ boy who got left in a V (rah, rah)
Slide with two chop’s, it’s like thirty in each
I been fiendin’ and itchin’ to catch a YG
And if he bunny hop, he get left in the scene (grrah-grrah)
Nesty a bi—, n—a begged on his knees (grrah)

Bi—, it’s 300, DOA, blow for the guys
I’m on go for the guys, smoke a O with the guys
Bi—, I hang out the V with the pole, let it fly
They keep dissin’ like I ain’t get back, don’t know why
Bi—, I’m GBG, word to your dead, word to mines
Talk on Nazzy and Berry, you must wanna die
Talk on Jayripk and ‘jects but what happened to-?
We don’t mention that boy who got turned into za’

Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it
I’m with the flockas, I bet she get naked
Walk with the ‘migos and henny, no chasin’, like
Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it
I’m with the flockas, I bet she get naked
Shorty, she buggin’, she want me to spank it, like

You on hots? Bi—, I’m on hots too
I pull up to your window like drive-thru
Come get showered with bullets, no bridal
Put a tag on your head, I can buy you (bah)
Like, huh? (like, huh?), like, what? (what?)
None of these bi—es is tough
I’m with the sh–s and it give me a rush
Shorty be lookin’, think she got a crush
I’m not a steppa’, bi—, I’m a stomper
All of my opps get mixed with the grabba
Broke bi— said she was gon’ touch me (like, what?)
She lyin’, hakuna matata
All the bros know that I’m uppin’ that, boom for ’em (boom)
All the opps hope heaven, got room for ’em (grrah)
Everything dead, nothing is friendly
Up in my Prada, up in Balenci’ (grrah-grrah, grrah)
F— is she thinkin’? Know that I’m sanctioned
You crazy? Bi—, I’m retarded (‘tarded)
You okay? Something is wrong (wrong)
Tryna play me, you know I perform (grrah-grrah, boom)

Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it
I’m with the flockas, I bet she get naked
Walk with the ‘migos and henny, no chasin’, like
Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it
I’m with the flockas, I bet she get naked
Shorty, she buggin’, she want me to spank it, like

(Hey ladies, drop it down)
(Just wanna see you touch the ground)
(Don’t be shy girl, go bananza)
(Shake ya body like a belly dancer)

Lyrics licensed & provided by LyricFind

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Written by: Akon, Arion Howard, Belcalis Almanzar, Cory Wright, Hensel Dominguez, Jorden Thorpe, Kevin Perez, Lynval Golding, Neville Staples, Terence Hall

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