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Cal Leaves His Family — Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Hollywood Life

Cal stopped hiding his secrets from his family on the January 30 episode of ‘Euphoria,’ while Cassie lost it (and then some) and Elliot confessed the truth about Rue.

Rue’s relapse is becoming harder and harder to hide. She says she loves Jules in the same vein as love stories like Ghost, Titanic, Brokeback Mountain, and Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Jules goes down on Rue, but Rue can’t feel a thing because she’s on so many drugs. She fakes an orgasm. Jules knows Rue faked it, but Rue tries to act like she didn’t.

Jules talks to Elliot about what happened with Rue. She recreates Rue faking her orgasm, and Elliot tries to teach her the “right way.” They end up passionately making out. They’re stopped by a text from… Rue.

Jacob Elordi and Alexa Demie on ‘Euphoria.’ (HBO)

Cassie & Nate Fight Over Maddy

Maddy celebrates her birthday, and Cassie even made a book about their friendship. Cassie is feeling increasingly guilty about her secret relationship, but she doesn’t stop seeing Nate. Maddy has a heart-to-heart with Nate when he stops by to see her at her babysitting gig. She tells him that he “ruined” her forever. “Did you know that I loved you?” Maddy asks. “Did you feel loved by me?” Nate replies, “I don’t know.” The thing is, Nate doesn’t even know what love is.

Cassie and Nate have a fight about the Maddy situation. If she had known they were going to get back together, she wouldn’t have hooked up with Nate. Nate snaps that if she was a good person she wouldn’t have screwed her best friend’s boyfriend. “I can’t do this,” an emotional Cassie says. Nate tries to talk her out of ending things, saying this is about “getting what you want.”

While she has no problem being with Nate, Cassie says she’ll do everything in her power to make sure Maddy doesn’t get back together with him. “You two shouldn’t be together, you’re toxic,” Cassie says about Nate and Maddy. Nate actually ends up calling Cassie “Maddy,” and that’s when Cassie loses it. She stresses to Nate that she’s even “crazier” than Maddy, and he should be “scared” of her. He screams at Cassie, but she’s unfazed. “Okay. Bye,” Cassie bluntly says before walking out. He tries to stop her and even says he loves her, but she still walks away.

Cal’s all bandaged up after his encounter with Ashtray. He gets drunk and decides to go for a drive He grabs his old Jeep and drives erratically on the road until he ends up at the bar he fancied with his best friend Derek decades earlier.

Cassie Loses It In Front Of Maddy & Nate

Jules and Elliot make out while Rue is in the bathroom. Rue leaves drugs for him, but he doesn’t end up taking them. Jules asks to play truth or dare and dares Elliot to lick her stomach. Rue would know what was going on between Jules and Elliot if she wasn’t high. Elliot and Jules end up stealing some alcohol with Rue in the backseat.

Zendaya as Rue. (HBO)

Jules notices that Rue is drinking after Elliot tells Rue not to drink while on drugs. With Jules and Elliot coming at her, she asks to be taken home. When Jules continues to ask why, Rue blurts out, “Because I can’t f**king stand you.” Jules is heartbroken. Rue asks to be let out of the car on the side of the road. She walks home and takes more drugs.

While at Maddy’s birthday party, Kat confesses to Maddy that she “can’t f**king stand” Ethan. Maddy gives her a pep talk, saying there’s a difference between what she should want and what she actually wants. Meanwhile, Cassie worries about Nate coming over. When he shows up, he asks for Maddy. He puts a Tiffany necklace around her neck. Cassie continues to drink and ends up putting on a barely-there bathing suit to get Nate’s attention. He looks right at her as she walks down the stairs. Chaotic energy at its best.

Cal drives to the bar he went to with Derek when they were teens. He reminisces about the past and imagines dancing with Derek again. He winds up getting thrown out of the bar when he tries to wrestle one of the patrons.

Cassie’s spiral at Maddy’s birthday party continues. Nate sticks around at the party, and Cassie watches him longingly. Cassie comes into the hot tub with Nate and the girls. She sets off a shocking chain of events when she tells Nate and Maddy that she’s so glad that they’re back together. Maddy says they’re not and Nate repeats her. Maddy becomes furious over Nate saying they’re not back together. Maddy goes off on Nate, and Cassie ends up vomiting on everyone in the hot tub. Her mom has to pull her out as she cries.

Cal Leaves His Family

Jules goes back to Elliot’s house. She tries to avoid talking about what happened with Rue by having sex, but Elliot stops her. He tells Jules that Rue isn’t sober, and she hasn’t been since he met her. He apologizes to Jules. “I just didn’t want to keep lying to you,” Elliot says.

While high, Rue imagines she’s in a church, and then hugging her dad in the middle of her room. She apologizes for letting him down. “I’m not a good person,” Rue says to her dad. Her father stresses that he’s “always” with her.

Cal gets home and pees on the floor. Marsha comes out and asks him to put his penis away. “I think I’m lonely,” Cal says to Marsha. Aaron and Nate come out of their rooms, and Cal goes on a rant. He tells his kids that the first time he had sex with a man was when Marsha was pregnant with their first child. He says his kids are hypocrites. Cal says he’s been living a double life, but that hasn’t been his biggest regret. He points at Marsha and says she is his biggest regret.

He takes the family portrait — that features their three kids — and walks down the stairs. He tells Aaron that he knows about the porn on his computer, and he shouldn’t be judging him at all. When Cal gets to Nate, he says, “Your whole f**king life’s a secret.” After all these years, Cal knows nothing about Nate. Cal walks out the door. No one even tries to tell him not to go, and he wouldn’t stay even if they asked him to.

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