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Star Kid Style: 5 Times Janhvi Kapoor gave us a crash course on styling sarees the ultra glam way


The glam star Janhvi Kapoor loves to drape her saree in different ways. She has always been a lover of Indian drapes and has sported them multiple times stealing our hearts with her enchanting looks. That’s the thing about sarees, it just elevates one’s look with their feminine charm and classy elegance. The festive season is the right time to experiment with different looks with your saree and also to put a luxe and regal touch to your ethnic avatar with its design aesthetics. Let’s take inspiration from the Dhadak actress whose ethnic style game never fails to rock in sarees.


Vintage Retro Vibe

While most people love the vibrant and heavily embroidered sarees, millennials are all in for less is more route, giving the 50’s era drape style a refreshing look with their styling game. Janhvi Kapoor just nailed the trend rocking a blue organza saree with polka dot white blouse from Torani. Her blouse featured full-length sleeves and a high neck that totally ringed the vintage retro bells. Her glam makeup with winged eyeliner, nude lips and clear base elevated the retro spirit of her look.


Divine & Serene

janhvi kapoor

Donning a pure angoori chanderi silk saree by Raw Mango, the star kid looked every bit gorgeous. She draped her fuss-free saree on a matching closed neck, three-fourth sleeve blouse that matched with the border of her muted beige hued saree. She accessorised up with a pair of lotus earrings made of polka pearls, gold and diamonds, and a statement ring and glammed up with bright red lipstick, sepia-toned makeup perfected with a bindi and rounded off her divine look with her loosely tied wavy hair.


Glam Girl Saree

janhvi kapoor

The star kid draped her flowy bright yellow saree by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla in a Gen Z approved way keeping all the focus on her embellished sleeveless blouse. Amping it up with a styling hack, Janhvi draped the pallu like a dupatta from the back. Her stone-studded blouse is a versatile fashion pick that can be styled up with a lehenga too. The star kid completed her desi style with her center parted loose hair adorned with a simple maang tikka. She ditched necklaces and wore a pair of shoulder-grazing earrings. For makeup, Jahnvi opted for a glam look with bright red lips, dewy base, blush and hints of highlighter.


Elegant Diva Look

janhvi kapoor

For the Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award in 2019, Janhvi was seen clad in a Manish Malhotra pink saree teamed with a matching halter neck blouse. She looked elegant in it and her accessory game was on point with a statement emerald stone studded choker necklace and matching ring. The plain saree’s dual colour sheen and zari border gave it a luxe touch. Janhvi’s fishtail braided hairstyle and subtle glam makeup made her look picture perfect.


Classy in Silk

janhvi kapoor

The Gunjan Saxena star looked glorious in a multi-coloured Kanjeevaram silk saree. She contrasted her sunshine hued drape with a pastel green blouse and her stylist Eshaa Amiin kept her look minimal by adding a pair of jhumkas from the label Jet Gems to add a regal touch to her ethnic look. Perfectly lined eyes and subtle makeup rounded off her look.


Which of her glam avatars in saree do you like the best? Tell us in the comments below.


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